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i am cedric. talk to me about queer remus lupin and mckirk.
fleur/fleurs/fleurself pronouns please :)




What the fuck is the “super” in superwholock supposed to represent

Sigh. Look at this plebian. Lets get this cleared up once and for all:


"Super" = Superbad


"Who" = The Hoobs


"Lock" = John Locke from Lost

Now can we please never have a misunderstanding about this again


Well im glad that’s cleared up

The Mike Brown they don’t want you to see. Never forget. #nojusticenopeace #staywoke #arrestdarrenwilson


a free link to the complete DSM-5

please reblog so that all mentally ill people who want to learn more about the criteria used to diagnose them can



This picture reminded me of the picture in 1965

“Hog-spitting – not just spitting,” Tonja Bulley emphatically clarifies.

“He just hog-spit at my baby. He hog-spit. He took everything out of him and spit in my daughter’s face. She is a minor. That’s the absolute worst thing you can do, when you spit on another human being. She was just saying ‘No justice, no peace’ and he hog-spit (at) and then smacked my baby. At that time — there was no more being peaceful.”

Bulley and her daughter, Brandy were released from jail last night after being arrested by police outside the St. Louis Rams game the previous day after a violent clash with football fans.

As the Rams were completing an impressive 28-26 victory over the Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks, Tonja and Brandy were outside the stadium participating in a non-violent protest calling for justice for Mike Brown, and the immediate arrest of his killer, Darren Wilson.

Tonja, known affectionately to her friends as “Tiny,” continued:

“We were peacefully protesting. We were saying something that this big, tall White man did not like. He should’ve been locked up, and they did not lock him up. One slapped my daughter and another hit her with his fist. Another woman threw her drink on me – and I retaliated. I’m not coming out to fight, but I have the right to protect myself.”

Tiny would eventually get punched and knocked to the ground. “I got hit by a couple people. I have a mark behind my ear.” She was initially charged with two felonies for throwing punches after the initial altercation. No violent Rams fans were arrested.

She says the racial double-standards were apparent: “We had a right to protest without anybody interfering. When the White people protest, there are no problems. Nobody is spitting on them. When we try to do it, the media goes around and acts like we started (the fighting.) We did not start it. I peacefully protest every day in Ferguson, and it’s never a problem.”

In Ferguson, Tiny and Brandy have been protesting since Brown was killed in August, and have become unofficial members of the Lost Voices—a spirited and well-known group of young leaders who led Sunday’s protest.


white people beat up a little black girl and mother and feminists are writing full articles about why being a basic bitch is a good thing


there’s an incredibly homophobic and transphobic page on facebook called heterosexuals inspiring pride and they make awful clip art comics that literally make no sense and im laughing so hard


  • Empower (EVE): Bright, glowing, and something to kill for. Use responsibly until using it drives you mad. Energizing coffee and brilliant star anise.
  • Awaken (ADAM): Green, viscous eucalyptus and cypress harvested from sea slugs… and people.
  • Sanctuary (plasmid): A plasmid that never made it into the original Bioshock, but something inspiring all the same. It creates a calming floral bubble around you, the gleaming pink surface woody and strong to protect you from harm. (But what’s going on with that shortwave radio?)
  • Psychokinesis (Telekinesis): A dazzling, cerebral scent full of glossy wood, citrus, and chamomile and frankincense to aid with thought and insight.
  • Rescue Little Siblings (plasmid): A scent that is calming, golden, and strong. Chamomile, citrus, and vanilla flow together and relax in a steady brilliant glow.
  • Fistful of Lightning (Electro Bolt): ”Steady now! Your genetic code is being rewritten!” A bolt of lightning that comes from your fist. Arcing with citrus and cedar and best used on foes standing in water.
  • Winter Burst (Winter Blast): Ice that comes from your own veins. Cold peppermint and shimmering birch, straight from the heart to break your enemy’s into pieces. (Aren’t you cold, Jack?)

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Which plasmid is your favorite to use?


"stef why do you keep googly eyes in your pencil case"
important reasons


"stef why do you keep googly eyes in your pencil case"

important reasons


You may be able to get married

But put that wedding photo on your desk and you may find yourself without a job. 

The fight isn’t over. 

idk if anybody has any use for this but i fancy myself a bit of a math nerd and would be totally willing to help out if any of yall had some confusing homework or something. im proficient up to basic calculus, soooo yeah

u get ur homework finished, i get to flex my math muscles, win/win



"the homo cry from the darkness"

i like how the dude in the forefront has a devilish smile



"the homo cry from the darkness"

i like how the dude in the forefront has a devilish smile